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Down and Feather Comforter where does down come from?

Down is divided into two categories, duck down and goose down, which are further subdivided into duck down and goose down. There is also a distinction between white and gray. Among them, white goose down and white duck down are the most precious.

There are also derived from waterfowl. Waterfowl include domestic ducks, domestic geese, wild ducks, swan geese, grey geese and other avian animals that live on the water surface. Waterfowl float on the water surface, and their feathers and down contain oily components, which can effectively block the soaking of water, and are elastic and fluffy.

What is down feather cleanliness?

Cleanliness is an important indicator to measure the raw material texture and washing level of feather down. Generally, the method of measuring the turbidity of the sample washing solution is used to obtain the cleanliness of feather down. Therefore, some standards are also called turbidity. The size of this indicator is determined by the amount of organic or inorganic insoluble or semi-soluble particles in the down lotion.

What is heterochromatic down feather?

Heterochromatic plush is a professional term in the down industry, which refers to the content of black, gray tufts and flakes in white down, commonly known as "blackheads". Hetero-colored plush is a natural imprint on mature geese and ducks (mainly grown naturally on geese and ducks, and occasional colors are left by farmers for marking). Heterochromatic plush is not synonymous with inferior quality and uncleanness, on the contrary, it is the expression of mature down and high-quality down. The presence of different-colored plush will not affect the bulkiness and warmth retention of down products. There is no 100% white goose down in nature, but since most down bedding and some down clothing use white fabrics, manufacturers often require that the content of heterochromatic down is as low as possible. The work of picking different-colored plush is generally done manually, but the production efficiency of manual picking is low and the cost is high. Some factories have developed machines to pick different-colored plush, but the efficiency and cost are still unsatisfactory.

What are the benefits of a comforter?

Benefit 1: good thermal insulation

Each feather silk is made up of thousands of tiny scales stacked together. Each scale is hollow and contains a lot of still air; it can absorb the heat of the human body, isolate the intrusion of cold air from the outside, and achieve the effect of keeping warm. So you don't have to worry about catching a cold at night when you cover the comforter.

Benefit 2: Good temperature regulation

Down is a three-dimensional spherical fiber, which is filled with a large amount of still air, so it can shrink and expand with the change of temperature, resulting in the function of temperature regulation. The comforter can be used at temperatures between 25 degrees and minus 40 degrees. Therefore, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can cover the comforter.

Benefit 3: Moisture absorption and dehumidification

Down has a large surface area, and it quickly dissipates after absorbing moisture. Down has grease and moisture-removing properties; therefore, it absorbs moisture quickly. Can reduce the incidence of rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, eczema and other diseases.

Benefit 4: Good fluffiness

Linear fiber comforters such as chemical fibers have poor compressive resistance after 1 to 2 years of use, and are easy to harden, reduce bulkiness, and shorten the size, etc., resulting in a decrease in warmth retention, moisture absorption and dehumidification; down will never be hardened, and it will stay as new for a long time. It is more than five times that of other ordinary comforters, and the price is higher.

Benefit 5: No pressure

The cotton winter comforter is about 7.5 kg, and the 5 kg comforter obviously feels oppressive; it affects the heart, lungs and blood pressure. The comforter is suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with poor sleep or high blood pressure. After getting used to the comforter, you will never want to sleep with other materials.

Benefit 6: Good fit

The comforter is lightweight, soft, comfortable and has a good fit that makes the body feel warmer and more comfortable. The comforter is sewn into individual squares, not traditional wadding, so it has the best fit. I feel that the body and the comforter are integrated, and the quality of life is greatly improved!

Benefit 7: Durable Economy

Many people only know that comforter are expensive, but they don't know that comforter are very durable. The high-count and high-density duvet fabric has a durability of 30 years, while the down can be used for a longer life and can be passed down for three generations in Europe. Maybe you only saw the high price of the comforter, but did not expect the value to be higher!

How to Maintain the Down Comforter?

1. Before using the comforter for the first time, please dry it in direct sunlight for 30 minutes.

2. Pay attention to keep the comforter clean, usually cover the comforter, and change the comforter frequently.

3. On the inside of the comforter, there is a small label printed with maintenance and washing instructions. Because the potion used for dry cleaning will affect the warmth retention, and will also age the fabric. Machine-washed and tumble-dried comforters can easily lead to uneven thickness of the filling, which will make the comforter out of shape and affect the appearance and warmth retention.

4. Down products are easy to get wet, so when not in use, place them in a dry and ventilated place as much as possible. At the same time, an appropriate amount of drying agent should be added.

How to Maintain Silk Comforter?

1. Cleaning of Silk Comforter

If the comforter is dirty, it can be removed and washed with cold water. Silk comforter cores are not washable, dry clean, chlorine bleach, or ironing. If it is stained, it is best to go to a professional dry cleaner to wipe it with special detergent, and then dry it at low temperature to prevent the fabric from shrinking. If the stain is not large, you can wipe it gently with a neutral detergent.

2. Drying of silk comforters

Newly bought silk comforters smell like silkworm chrysalis. If that's the case, just put them in a ventilated place and blow them for two days. The silk comforter should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, it can be dried in a cool place, but it is best to take it out for an hour or two every two weeks, otherwise the silk comforter will easily become moldy after getting wet. Keep fluffy.

3. Storage of Silk Comforters

The silk comforter can not be stored in a humid and hot environment or in a plastic bag, so as to prevent the silk from getting wet, resulting in odor, and loss of warmth and breathability. In addition, it is necessary to avoid heavy pressure on the silk, and do not stack heavy objects on the comforter to prevent the silk from being thinned and hardened. Do not use chemical agents such as mothballs and insecticides to avoid contamination of the silk. Proper placement can prolong the service life.

4. Silk is Wrinkled

Because the inner sleeve of silk comforter is mostly cotton, it is easy to become wrinkled. There are also many consumers who use online shopping for convenience when buying silk comforters. However, when shopping online, due to the extrusion of packaging and transportation, the fabric will become very uneven. At this time, the silk comforter can be hung up, and the utensils are Blow it with a hair dryer, so that the cotton fabric can be quickly restored to flatness.

What is the difference between a baffle box and a suture box?

• The baffle box construction is basically a thin fabric sewn between the top and bottom covers of the comforter. This creates a 3D chamber that distributes the filling evenly and allows the lower cluster to achieve maximum dip. This spreads the blanket's warmth evenly throughout your body and prevents the blanket from getting too hot during sleep.

• Sewing construction sounds exactly the same. The top and bottom flaps are sewn together to create a sealed "pocket" that holds the filling in place. The sewn comforter allows heat to escape along the seams, providing an ideal sleep experience for hot sleepers.

Why Choose Ordinary Plant Fiber?

We have two kinds of plant fiber comforters, one is soy fiber and the other is bamboo.

Advantages of Soy Fiber Comforter:

1.Soft touch: The comforter made of soy protein fiber is soft, smooth and light to the touch, and has an excellent affinity with the skin, just like the second skin of the human body.

2. Moisture and breathability:soy fiber has far better moisture and breathability than cotton, making it very dry and comfortable.

3. Exquisite appearance:soy protein fiber comforter has a silky luster, very pleasant, and its drape is also excellent, giving people an elegant and refined feeling.

Advantages of Bamboo Comforter:

1.The same number of bacteria was observed under a microscope, and the bacteria could multiply in cotton and wood fiber products, while the bacteria on bamboo fiber products were killed about 75% after 24 hours.

2.Bamboo fiber has no free charge, anti-static, anti-itching; bamboo  products are soft and skin-friendly, can improve the microcirculation blood flow of the human body, activate tissue cells, effectively regulate the nervous system, dredge the meridians, and make the human body produce a warming effect , improve sleep quality

3.The ultra-fine pore structure of bamboo enables it to strongly absorb bad body odors such as sweat and body odor emitted by the body. After adsorption, harmful bacteria can be eliminated, thereby achieving the effect of eliminating odor.

4.Bamboo has strong hygroscopicity, good air permeability, and high far-infrared emissivity, which is much better than traditional fiber fabrics, so it meets the characteristics of thermal comfort. According to the needs of different seasons, different processes are used to make bamboo  products feel warm in winter and cool in summer.

If you are allergic to animal hair, it is more suitable to choose our plant fibers as your comfortable harbor for a peaceful night's sleep.

What To Do When My Pillow Arrives?

A lot of our customers have mentioned that unlike traditional pillow packaging our pillows arrive flat, tightly rolled, and packed in a vacuum bag.

As part of our commitment to giving back to the environment, we consciously choose vacuum bags, an eco-friendly packaging that saves space, fuel, and transportation costs. Vacuum bags also make our shipping process much faster and economic!

Let’s walk you through the simple process of unpacking your pillows:

• Tear the plastic off by hand and take out your pillow. If you must use scissors, please be careful not to cut the inner pillow;

• Manually fluff the pillows and then let air gradually seep into the pillows;

• Take a pat and shake for 5 minutes to return to normal height;

• Voila! Your pillow should now look just like the ones on our homepage!

How To Clean Down Pillows?

First, soak the pillow in cold water for about 20-26 minutes, then pick it up and soak it in warm water for half an hour. Before soaking, add some solution to the warm water. In the process of cleaning the down pillow, use mild detergent for washing, and keep squeezing the pillow by hand, but not vigorously rubbing it. Repeat this step until it is clean, and the excess detergent must be squeezed out. Bleach with lukewarm water and add a little vinegar to the warm water so the solution settles and the pillow can be washed clean.

How To Tell When It's Time To Change Your Pillow?

Feather and down pillows usually last for up to 5-10 years when properly cared for. Your feather pillows laying flat is a sign that they are beyond their prime. One of the best characteristics of down and feather pillows is their ability to loft back to their original shape after washing. If your pillow lays flat after washing, it might be time for a shopping trip.

Why Is My Down Pillow Scented?

Natural oils and fats present in the down that are essential to make them resilient and pliable aid in the scent of down. People with an acute sense of smell may encounter a faint odor, regardless of how clean the down is. The odor is affected by heat, humidity, or moisture on the down for a prolonged period.

To remove the odor from a feather pillow, you need to dry it thoroughly to avoid mildew growth. One hot tip is to keep your down-filled product in the sun for a few hours before use, or use a dryer.

Can Sherpa clothes be machine washed?

Sherpa clothes should never be machine washed. The clothes made of lamb velvet fabric are thicker, but have a fluffy feeling. The cleaning power of machine washing is very strong, and it is easy to damage the fluffy and warm properties of Sherpa. Sherpa clothes that have been machine washed will also be deformed to a certain extent, so try not to machine wash them.

How to clean and maintain the three-piece bedding set?

Soak for about 10-15 minutes before washing, and then start rinsing; the washed three-piece set should be hung to dry, but should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. When washing the three-piece set, it is best to use a front-loading washing machine or hand wash; the newly bought bedding should be washed weakly with clean water for the first time, and do not use bleach; the bedding set with a printed pattern should be washed with , sometimes there will be floating color phenomenon, this is a normal phenomenon.

What is the need for a mattress protector?

First of all, the main function of the mattress protector is to cover the mattress for protection, while also ensuring personal health and mattress hygiene. The mattress protector is very effective in protecting the mattress, especially to avoid the mattress being very wet and uncomfortable due to problems such as sweating while lying on the mattress. Since people metabolize about 250 ml of water every night when they sleep, about 90% of the water will be directly absorbed by the mattress.